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Support @ Metago August 19, 2013 15 ASTRO NEWS & UPDATES / Announcements

Dear ASTRO Users,

As mentioned on our website in the Fall of 2012 (where you can download the old v3), we are not providing support for v3 issues.  We provided v3 "as is" due to many users desire to keep the old version, but it is out of date, there is no cloud integration, there is no indexed searching as well as many more functions that are missing.  There are only a couple pieces of functionality missing in v4 that were in v3.

Please update to the latest Play Store version to get a supported version. 

Support @ Metago August 29, 2012 USING ASTRO / Getting started with ASTRO


ASTRO has a completely redesigned home screen with Search and three tabs (highlighted in red here):

SEARCHES - Search by file type (and save your searches)
LOCATIONS - Go directly to locations including cloud services (and save favorite locations)
RECENT FILES - View recently used files


Almost anywhere in ASTRO you can now swipe left or right.

The left panel contains Locations, Searches and Recent Files.

The right panel contains Tools, Help, Settings and more.


Copy/Move a Single File or Folder. 
Long press file > Press Copy/Move button > Navigate to where you want to copy the file and press Paste.

Copy/Move Multiple Files or Folders.
Long press a file or folder or Press the Multi-Select button in the Action Bar at the top > Click each folder/file you want to copy/move (the selected items will turn orange > Navigate to where you want to copy/move and press Paste.


Delete Single File or Folder. 
Long press the file or folder > Choose delete
 > Confirm deletion.

Delete Multiple Files or Folders. 
Press Multi button > Choose files or folders to delete > Press delete
 > Confirm deletion.


You can get to settings from anywhere in ASTRO by swiping from the right of the screen to the left, bringing up the right side panel. 

Appearance (Global View Settings). 
Choose Appearance in the Settings menu.  There are many options, below are used the most. 

-  Save directory settings.  When this is checked, if you go into a directory and change the default view to a different view, it will be saved as a custom view setting. 
-  Clear Directory Options.  This function will clear all your custom directory settings you have created in individual folders such as folder/icon size, whether list or grid, etc.
-  Locations View Type.  Choose the way files and folders are shown throughout ASTRO (grid or list typically).
-  Select Size.  Choose the default icon size across ASTRO (Small/Medium/Large). 
-  Additional options.  There is a variety of other check boxes such as show thumbnails, show hidden files, etc.

Startup Options. 
Startup options allow you to choose what happens when you open ASTRO.  Either you can go to the default locations  screen with all your locations available, or you can choose a home directory that you want to go to every time ASTRO is opened. 

The cache menu allows you to clear different items that are cached.  For example, if you want to remove the list of "Recent" files, you can check Clear recent activities and press Clear at the bottom and your recent file list will be cleared (the files are still there, but they are no longer in the 'recents' list.  

Support @ Metago September 2, 2011 USING ASTRO / Getting started with ASTRO

Running applications can be stopped (killed).

Detailed information is shown for each item in different colors. PID is the system Process ID.CPU is the percentage of CPU being used. MEM is the amount of memory being used.

Long clicking on an application selects that app. Pressing the X on the Action Bar will kill the app.


Support @ Metago May 29 USING ASTRO / Tips & Tricks

Support @ Metago Apr 11 ASTRO NEWS & UPDATES / Known Issues

We have seen a number of companies who applications are showing multiple crashes on Samsung devices running the Android Lollipop OS. Crashlytics reports the crash as 100% Samsung devices (99% "SM G900F[Q]" device), and 100% Android 5.x. Seems to be another multidex issue on Samsung + Lollipop devices, as a.jaskev reports in #3.


Android Lollipop update for Galaxy S5 and S4 put on hold

11 March, 2015 |

Samsung, like most major mobile players, has been keeping busy with the whole Lollipop update frenzy. Naturally, various delays and hiccups are expected, especially across devices in different regions. Samsung Norway, might have gotten into more trouble than usual with its update packages for Galaxy S5 and S4.

Android 5.0 Lollipop was being seeded to both devices, as planned, until some major issues forced the local Samsung branch to put the OTA "on-hold". This was absolutely necessary after a number of owners of the aforementioned handsets flooded the local branch with complains about the Android 5.0 update they were receiving.

There have been reports of various bugs, including random freezes of various apps, including the default Phone and Contact applications, often rendering the phone unusable. Crashes are also affecting the alarm application, which, as you can imagine, could be equally irritating.

The OTA seems to be causing sluggish behavior in general, so definitely something went wrong in Norway. This is what the local branch had to comment on the matter:

We are aware of the issues some users are experiencing after installing the update Android 5.0 Lollipop and now has stopped the current version. We work full time with a new update that contains solutions to the problems that have been reported to us, including a new solution for silent mode. We hope to send out the update shortly, and will keep you updated on Facebook.

The reasons behind the troublesome update could be numerous, ranging from a mix-up in the shipped package, all the way to some latent bug that has been hidden away in the ROMs and is now causing unexpected problems.

It is at least encouraging to know that Samsung Norway is aware of the issue and trying to address it. And we are not exactly sure that throwing in a silent mode feature will compensate for lack of a normally functioning device, but hey, as they say, you gain some, you lose some.


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