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Recently purchased some Micro Velocity Cruz T301 Tablets for gifts, but Astro File Manager isn't on one of them.

Angie Sutton
posted this on November 26, 2011 17:47

I recently purchased some Micro Velocity Cruz T301 Tablets for gifts, but Astro File Manager isn't on one of them.  I've tried to copy it from one, to another, download it from here onto the tablet, etc., but I can't get it onto it. :(  All but one had it, and work great, but this one can't download hardly ANY apps.  :(  

Is there ANY way to download it and install it, (WITHOUT CAUSING FUTURE PROBLEMS ON THE DEVICE,) that you could help walk me through?  I purchased them through, and I'm afraid if I try to return it to exchange it, it will be late for our family's Christmas gathering. :(

Any help would be extremely appreciated.  :)  This is the first Android device any of us have ever used, so we've tried all of the iPad/Blackberry/PC/etc. ways we could think to try, and are desperate. :p


Thank you!



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anne ritchey


Can you download ANY apps onto that tablet? What about the other tablets? Can you download apps to them? If it's just one tablet that's giving you a problem, it could be that the software needs to be reinstalled. I'm not familiar with that tablet, but it should have a 'back to factory reset/restore function'. Check the user manual. Also, check to see if all the tablets are running the latest firmware by going to the Micro Velocity site Check with Amazon apps. Astrofile is not listed there, but you can try to get ES File Explorer or File Expert. If you can download and install an app on three of them but not on the fourth, there's something wrong with that tablet.

November 26, 2011 18:15
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Angie Sutton
I can download Amazon Android Apps for the Cruz Tablet onto the others, but not this one. I can't even download the Astro File Manager onto it. :( If you put a pin (something tiny,) into the little hole to "reset" it, it still just comes back to what it came with, and apparently this part of its basic STUFF it needs was never installed to start with. :( It looks great, will surf the net, check email, do the FEW apps (solitaire, sudoku, calculator, etc,) that it has preinstalled, but won't let you install any others, even the one you need to MANAGE the others. :(
November 26, 2011 19:06
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anne ritchey

Apparently, this tab has problems with Market and Amazon anyway.  SlideMe is reported to work better. There's also GetJar. If there is a place in setting to install third-party apps, be sure to select that.

However, I would go here and get the software and reload it. If it is not currently running Android 2.2 (look in settings>about) check to see if the others are. If they are running 2.1 and you want that, you may have to do a search. I couldn't find it on the Micro site.

If the results are the same, then that tablet is defective and hopefully you can return it for another. It does sound like software so reinstall the official OS.

November 27, 2011 09:02